The National Practice Solutions management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the dental industry.

Job Title: 
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Eric Kaw is an accomplished entrepreneur and pioneer in the dental and information technology fields. Over the past 15 years, he has been CEO, President, Founder, Managing Director and Board of Directors member in companies providing dental practice management services, dental benefits, and technology services.

Currently, Mr. Kaw is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Practice Solutions (“NPS”). The National Practice Solutions vision is to bring forth industry change by introducing revolutionary business models that will impact the entire dental healthcare system. The primary focus of NPS is to enable dentists with the necessary resources to efficiently and effectively manage their practices. Through its diversified family of businesses, National Practice’s innovative practice solutions allow dental practitioners to adapt to the demands of an evolving industry and economic environment.”

Additionally, Mr. Kaw is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Venture Health Group. Venture Health Group provides dental healthcare services to the military. Under the strategic direction and vision of Mr. Kaw, Venture Health has rapidly grown acquiring two major military contracts and obtaining market leadership in the military family dental care sector. In 2007, Venture Health Group was awarded a 10 year contract with the Army and Air Force Exchange Services, valued at over $11 million, to provide dental care services to military soldiers, military families, and Department of Defense contractors at Fort Irwin, California. In 2008, Venture Health Group was awarded a second 10 year contract with the Marine Corps Community Services, valued at over $30 million, to provide dental care services to the sailors and marines, military families, and Department of Defense contractors at Camp Pendleton, California.

Previously Mr. Kaw served as the Managing Director of East West Dental Centers, a network of 5 dental practices located in the Los Angeles, California area. In this role, he managed the operations and oversaw the company’s growth strategies. Mr. Kaw was instrumental in implementing new dental management initiatives and clinical technologies resulting in improvements in the network’s efficiency, productivity, reductions in overhead expenses, and increased daily patient revenues. Mr. Kaw is recognized by industry leaders for his operational approach that both increases revenue and reduces operational costs utilizing technology in the centralization of corporate functions, call and billing centers. In addition to his success in dental management, he served as President and Founder of TECHedu Partners, a technology training service venture, for the aerospace, automotive, technology, and educational industry.

In addition to guiding the vision as the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, he was responsible for the company’s business development, strategic alliances, customer acquisition, and fundraising initiatives. Mr. Kaw also established strategic alliances with major universities, technology providers, and customer acquisitions with Fortune 500 companies. He also oversaw the national technological integration efforts for key customer service function groups.

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